Normalcy at KPH restored after power failure


Normal operations have resumed at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), which resorted to offering limited services on Wednesday due to an electrical shortage that left some areas of the facility without power.

The South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) made the announcement in a press release on Thursday morning.

“The hospital’s management will continue to monitor the situation to ensure, as best as possible, that there are no further disruptions in service delivery,” SERHA said.

The power failure occured at about 3:00 pm on Wednesday. While some critical sections of the hospital, such as the operating theatres, continued to have power and were being operated as usual, other vital activities, including the Accident and Emergency Unit, had to be relocated because of the power failure.

At least one patient had to be transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to the University Hospital of the West Indies, and one to the adjoining Victoria Jubilee Hospital